What the heck is this site?

Post Randomonium is a social networking post aggregator. The idea came about when watching a well-known cable news channel which commonly uses Facebook posts to get the pulse of the nation. We surmised that we could get the same quality of posts by randomly sampling the social networks. We found that not only can some of the posts be informative, but MANY can be quite hilarious!

What’s up with the “Submit a status” button then?

Some people complained that they found some hilarious quotes on Facebook and Twitter on their own, and wanted to be able to add it to the site. Enough people asked for this and we figured, why not? We love to spread humor around.

Why wasn’t my nomination accepted?

All submissions go through a rigorous approval process in which highly trained chinchillas test each post for taste, humor, water solubility, and environmental suitability. In short, if you want a post accepted, make sure it’s funny and at least semi-appropriate for various audiences. We also hear that chinchillas are easily bribed with raisins and dried pineapple.

Why do you want me to register?

Registered users will get credit for their finds and we pit these users to fights to the death (see also: rank users by category). We will never sell or release your information, or otherwise do anything that will make you regret the decision to register. Rumor has it that there is more coming for registered users beyond just ranking that one might want to build up credit for starting early.

Are there any penalties to me if a post isn’t accepted?

No, but the chinchillas tend to get a little grouchy if they have to sift through a bunch of junk for their laughs. The eventual rampage happens, cords get chewed, and it’s just not a happy experience for anyone.

How can I contact you guys?

The best way is via email at ideas@postrandomonium.com

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